Hot blueberry muesli

As we transition into the new season and the temperature is dropping, I quite like to add hot elements into my meals to offset the cold.

This mornings breakfast was a seed based muesli with hot blueberries which I thought I would share with you. I suggest you make a muesli mix base and keep it in a jar for when you want to eat it, otherwise the list of ingredients can seem a bit daunting.

Serves 1 big breakfast

2 tblsp ground down hemp, flax and chia seeds

1/2 tsp sunflower seeds

1/2 tsp pumpkin seeds

a sprinkle of sesame seeds

a sprinkle of cacao nibs

2 tbsp buckwheat flakes

12 currants

6 mixed nuts broken up

1/2 a grated Pink Lady apple

2 tblsp frozen blueberries

coconut oil

1 tblsp dark tahini

1/2 banana

Pop the coconut oil in a frying pan, heat on a medium heat to gently melt it, and then add the frozen blueberries.

In a breakfast bowl. as with any muesli just mix all the dry ingredients together, grate the apple into it, in this case the dog got the other half of the apple. Mix the apple into the muesli base mix.

Add the cooked berries, they take about 4-5 minutes to become warm, and you can add your own milk at this point.

I made a milk today out of tahini and 1/2 a banana, the dog got the other half of the banana today! I blended the tahini and the banana together with about 1-2 tblsp of water.

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