If it says nutritional it must be good for you!

It pays to look beyond some of the names of organisations who say they support health, one such foundation The British Nutritional Foundation is one which on the face of it sounds to be doing all the right things.
“The British Nutrition Foundation promotes the wellbeing of society through the impartial interpretation and effective dissemination of scientifically based knowledge and advice on the relationship between diet, physical activity and health.”
I’ve taken this from the Charity Commission website, all looks good so far doesn’t it, until you find out who some of the sponsors are. Tate and Lyle for instance, who produce sugar, white sugar at that, which is nutritionally devoid, and isn’t something I would consider nutritional. Mars UK, which apparently if you eat one a day helps you “work, rest, and play”, I personally prefer the apple a day route for keeping the doctor away. Then there’s that bastion of health foods McDonald’s who’s Chicken McNuggets a US federal judge called  “McFrankenstein creation of various elements not utilised by the home cook”.  Then there is Merisant UK who produce sweeteners, always a favourite for the dieting fraternity, but they contain aspartame, as one of the leading natural health doctors globally Dr Mercola says “its makers cannot mask the fact that it accounts for 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA”. With United Biscuits saying that for them removing the MSG from their products is a major move forward, did you even realise they had what some doctors are referring to as an excitotoxin in your biscuits? What’s an excitotoxin, it’s a substance addd to foods that literally stimulates neurons to death, causing brain damage, that’s killed part of your coffee break enjoyment I can already feel it!

This is one of the organisations that regularly lobbies the government and works with them on health, are you now wondering why health matters in the country are getting worse not better. The majority of supporters are manufactures are makers of processed foods. This for me means there is little chance of them being impartial or influencing government in a way which isn’t beneficial towards themselves. In their reports they make it clear that the funding they get from these companies is important to their running, and education work they do in schools, yes they are going into schools educating on health. When was the last time that you thought pick pick picking up a Penguin was actually healthy and worth educating your children on, but often ‘health and diet’ initiatives for schools are being run by this organisation with funding by companies who produce sugar and sugar laden snacks!

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