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Does health = boring?

When did being healthy become boring? So many people who I come across feel that it’s boring to be health conscious with food and diet yet it couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact the healthier your food becomes, the less boring you get due to all the energy you start to experience. Just try it for a week, and see the difference, I promise you health food won’t feel so boring after that! And what is it that is boring about health food? I’m just not sure, there is such a wide array of fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, and beans, and ways to have them, raw and cooked, sprouted, or soaked, steamed, or baked. I wonder about those people who think it’s boring, when I analyse what people generally eat on ‘normal’ diets, they tend to stick to a handful of the same foods or meals each week, and variety is totally missing, yet health food is boring!

Processed food is made up of colourings, additives, and preservatives, these ingredients are added to enhance the flavour of what is in effect days, if not years old food. Yes in some respects the meals that you are buying already made for you have preservatives and colourings added because if they didn’t they would be a furry bacteria ridden mass of inedible food, which isn’t fresh at all. I don’t find this an exciting aspect of eating ‘normal’ processed foods at all, I find this truly scary. What is boring about eating processed foods is how sluggish, out of balance and tired they make you feel, try the difference, have a salad and a juice, or steamed vegetables, and a smoothie and see how you feel after it, then later have a ready meal cooked meal in the microwave and tell me which has left you feeling the better afterwards.

I don’t believe you become boring when you are health conscious at all, I believe you have more energy and time to become rather interesting, you wake up in the morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed, you are able to take up sports, and interests that you previously only dreamed you would be able to do, you remain clear headed, and able to handle higher amounts of stress, and the health list continues. We are not made to eat preservative full, microwaved to death, hormone ridden, antibiotic laden, meals which are energetically dead. We are designed to eat rich wonderful health foods, whole foods, where you can tell what it is, and it doesn’t need a label, my favourites are the ones with only one ingredient on the packet!

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