Jill Swyers interview

_wsb_104x127_Jill+PortraitThis week on Food for Thought Deborah is interviewing Jill Swyers a qualified Hippocrates Health Educator who devotes her time to teaching and demonstrating the preparation of living foods as a way to achieve optimum health. Click here to listen

For several years, Jill suffered a low energy level and she felt debilitated. She was diagnosed as suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalga, Hypoglycaemia, Candida and Reynauds disease. She believed her condition could be directly linked to her diet, which is when she started looking seriously at the impact of diet on health. To lose weight, she tried food combining and lost 20Kg (44lb) over a period of six months. Reading about Aloe Vera : ” The Medicine Plant “
and its energising properties, she started to drink the juice and noticed an increase in vitality. To increase her chlorophyll and oxygen uptake, she included wheatgrass in her regime. 

Jill talks about her own journey, how she has remained looking young, the Hippocrates Health Institute, and how it’s influenced her life. She covers the difference in a raw food diet over a living foods diet, and why it matters if you want to optimise your health. She’s considered one of the leading practitioners in the UK with living foods, and explains when to take wheat grass, chlorella, and the benefits of sprouting your own foods.

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