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Nancy FinchFood for Thought this week I interview the lovely holistic therapist Nancy Finch, who talks about cosmic ordering, reiki attunement, chakra work, and about how to improve your life through Soul Affirmations: Affirmations to Help Rebalance Your Mind, Body and Soul.

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Nancy Finch is an esteemed holistic therapist, healer and Reiki Master who lives and works in Cornwall. With over 15 years of training, teaching and professional experience, Nancy’s work has touched and changed the lives of countless individuals.

Nancy is a qualified Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Holistic Healer and her aim is to always work from the highest good to provide her clients with a positive and uplifting treatment, every time they see her.

Nancy also works with animals to heal both physically and emotionally.

Nancy runs a well attended Meditation Group, as well as running a variety of workshops including the popular Cosmic Ordering Workshop.

As Nancy is a Reiki Master, she is able to attune students to levels 1, 2 & 3, as well as her own ‘Rainbow Attunement’ which serves to open the energy system to the guidance that is all around,

As well as providing wonderful treatments and Workshops, Nancy has also written the successful ‘Soul Affirmations’ book which supports the treatments she provides. This little book of positive affirmations is a godsend for those that have a busy and stressful life!

She is currently working on her second book, which is due for release shortly, as well as moving into the field of Motivational Speaking.

‘Knowing we are all one, I send loving energy to my world’
– Soul Affirmations Soul Affirmations: Affirmations to Help Rebalance Your Mind, Body and Soul

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