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670611_39abf9084c7744148e6cfcd5bcd57e49.jpg_srz_p_95_99_75_22_0.50_1.20_0This week on Food for Thought Episode 107 I’m talking to Iridologist and Master Herbalist John Andrews. John lectures on five continents within the fields of modern iridology & natural medicine. He is the author of a number of books, has received 6 international awards for his pioneering contributions to the field. He practises in East Yorkshire & London.

We talk about the subject that John is covering off in the next workshop he is running in London which is Chronobiology, we talk about what it is, and why it matters when prescribing natural medicine interventions.

He talks about the latest research, and the history of the area of chronobiology, and how at one stage natural rhythms were taken for granted in our lives, something that all of us knew and lived by. In the 18th Century it was understood that animals behaviours were affected by the light and dark phases and different times of the day, this evolved with research into an understanding that we had a biological clock within the body and that blood pressure varies naturally throughout the day. Franz Halberg in the 1960’s then coined the phrase Circadian rhythm and by then it had become a recognised field of research.

It was found that every cell contained a molecular clock, which controls functions and interactions with other cells. Enabling us to adapt to which ever environment we are in, and has the ability to alter gene expression.

If you are a frequent traveller out of your time zone or a shift worker then understanding this field could help with your health care. It’s not just about what you take, it’s about how you take it you will hear.

9.30pm Saturday, Wednesday and Monday


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