Kidney bean and sweet potato soup

Warming, filling, and easy to make, with a dash of cayenne pepper it’s enough to warm the cockles of your heart. I love considering the ingredients functional uses when I’m making a dish, Winter is the element of water, prompting the use of kidney beans, there to support the kidneys during this time, consider their shape, it tells you everything about the support its going to give the body.

This time of the year is when we are discovering our own essence, probably why we want to put new years resolutions in place but don’t quite follow through on them, we are still in the process. This time is for maintaining our reserves, the energy of winter is potent, the dash of cayenne, will although give an immediate hit, over the next half hour will give a glow on the inside. No more heating will be needed for the next hour!

Be still, be quiet when eating it, and consider the moment, take your time to be mindful, and enjoy.

What do you need? Serves about 2-3 

1 carrot chopped

1/4 sweet potato chopped

1/2 can of kidney beans

1/2 teaspoon of Harissa Paste

1 tblsp of quinoa

1 red pepper chopped

1 stalk of celery chopped

A dash of cayenne pepper – always err on the less is more principle with it!

A pinch of dried seaweed

1 low sodium vegetable stock cube made into a litre of stock

1 teaspoon of cumin seeds

3 tablespoons of olive oil or walnut oil

Put everything except the oil in a large pan, and slowly bring to a slow simmer, put a lid on the pan and slowly cook for 40 minutes. When the sweet potato and carrot are soft, put 1/2 of the stew into a blender with the oil and blend until smooth, put back into the pan with the chopped vegetables, mix and serve.


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