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I don’t know if you have seen the Scientific America editorial called ‘Labels for GMO foods, are a bad idea’, but it’s supporting the biotech industry and spreading what is clearly disinformation on their behalf. The article explains how telling people that GM is in their food “would only intensify the misconception that so-called Frankenfoods endanger people’s health.”

Faced with stronger and stronger evidence that GMO’s are dangerous and carry real hazards to our own health and environment, our own government MP’s are telling us it’s fine to eat them and that they are healthy for us, and to unknowingly consume regularly in our foods. What they aren’t telling you is their direct links to financial ties with these companies making increased profits, who are also closely lobbying them, this is becoming almost in my eyes profits over people’s health. Several people now making decisions about our food chain are from the biotech industry, which doesn’t make for unbiased decision making.

For me this is about choice and that some of us want to have a choice about what we eat and not have that decided by a government department who are solely focused on making their biggest lobbyists, and company donor happy.

Now the article tells us about how Genetic Modification is in no way different to the conventional processes that have been going on with gardeners for years. They use the lovely word tinkering to make their point. This isn’t tinkering, on this scale this is mass alteration of the food chain no business in the current financial climate just tinkers in the hope that they may make a profit from something. They are changing our futures and absolutely know this with what they are doing. They are incredibly precise with what they are doing, you don’t pour millions of dollars as they are doing into something like this without knowing there is going to be some form of return, and the biotech industry makes massive profits out of tinkering!

There are massive risks being taken with our food by these companies, the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety for regulating GMOs under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity acknowledges this factor. So it is known there are significant risks behind what they are doing to ourselves, our agriculture and our ecosystem.

We are already seeing evidence of mutations, and rearrangements of the host genome as a result of genetic modification, and proteins that originally we were told wouldn’t be able to stay in the body but would pass through are now found to be lodging themselves in the body tissues.

I have to truly ask why the drive to improve on nature? I walk my dog every day and wonder at the power and force and beauty of nature and how it organises itself, feeds itself, looks after itself, it doesn’t need us it’s the other way around. We should be learning from it, and truly experiencing it.

What bothers me is how there will be no returning things to as they were, once these things are loose in our environment, they have no idea if we can return the ecosystem if it doesn’t work out. This will have an incredible knock on effect throughout our whole eco system, and in many respects we are guinea pigs in a large scale experiment.

We can see health issues getting worse and worse in our world the more man interferes with the natural order of things. The more we go against nature the higher illness numbers become but even when there is statistical evidence that it’s these types of interventions that are causing ill health, we are told to listen to scientific fact, that our own experience of our bodies and intuition is wrong and that unless we have a qualification from a learned school that is approved of we don’t know what is going on. Well I believe we intuitively know doing this is wrong what is happening with our food chain but feel that we can’t stop it, but we have to be able to have a choice, and not have that taken away and be able to stop buying those foods if we choose to.

There is now so much evidence from laboratory studies on cells and animals showing the damage to that is being done to every organ system from exposure to GMOs and/or glyphosate herbicides, that it is unfair of our governments not to tell people. One of the biggest reasons that people give for supporting GMO products is that they increase crop yield when it is being found over and over again in research that this just isn’t the case. It is highly documented that yields drop from what were often good yields, and that the introduction in India of BT cotton has led to significant suicides, as well as an ecological nightmare of novel pests, novel diseases, and soils that can no longer actually grow crops.

When one of our own government ministers say that GM rice with vitamin A has saved lives I started to get quite angry. Why because it hasn’t any evidence as such, and my understanding is that it isn’t even a commercialised variety that has been out on the market. Tufts University in Boston USA carried out the research and trialling of Golden Rice on children including under 12’s when senior scientists and academics signed an open letter in 2009 that condemned the trial. Why? Because it was in breach of the Nuremberg Code of Ethics, they hadn’t done any pretrials they went straight into working with children. From that perspective biotech companies will stoop to even doing that to get them into our food chain, truly disturbing.

I want to encourage you to eat as natural as possible, and read the labels of your foods. We have no idea of the effects of what these GM foods are doing to us in the long term or how to fundamentally stop them once they are out in nature which from what I can see is what they want to happen, because then they have achieved what they want to achieve.

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