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As life has got busier and my clients stress levels have become higher I find that I’m not only a naturopathic nutritionist helping with their health, but I’m also trying to help them find solutions to the constant draws on their time. Carving out time to cook and look after themselves has become a massive issue so with technology being so great now, why not use it to your advantage.

Get a soup maker, I even take mine with me to work so it can make lunch whilst I’m working with my client. Those with timers can be set to start 30 minutes before you arrive home! I’ve just used up last nights black bean chilli with some fresh tomatoes, parsley, paprika, a courgette, garlic, and stock to make tonight’s soup, that took 5 minutes to throw together. Because I want it to do the work, I didn’t even bother to do any chopping, if you are adding meat or fish you have to cook it first, but for vegetables, it really will do al the work for you!

Smoothies are a lifesaver, I chop fruit and vegetables up, I put portions into freezer bags and they are ready with the superfoods also added to just blend and go. I have a bottle with a circular whisk type thingymabob inside it, which means I can remix my smoothie if it’s separated. There is a separate blog on how I use my Vitamix to make life easier here.

Slow cookers are brilliant and I can’t understand why more people don’t use them. I tend to set mine off in the morning and then leave it on high until I leave the house and then move it to the low setting for the rest of the day. I cook everything in it from chilli, curry, stews, hotpots, and Michael cooks meat and fish in it. Because the process of cooking is slow it helps to keep all the nutrients in, and also helps to breakdown the foods far more which makes them easier to digest. This type of cooking in particular with a timer can be very helpful for those of you with elderly relatives who need food to be easier to eat.

On my return from travelling I always shop online so the food is ready for me when I return. Online shopping, once it’s set up can save you a stack of time going out to the shops each week. Take the time to outline your favourites so they are easy to find and get them to do the delivery. Hello Fresh is very good and available across the UK and in Belfast in Northern Ireland now, so lot’s of you who are stuck at times with being inspired will find that their meals can make life easy when it’s all getting too busy and you really can’t think of a thing to cook!

For those of you who love your bread and I’m finding hard to wean off, a breadmaker can be great for at least being in control of the ingredients that are within it. You can add lot’s more seeds, nuts, dried fruits, superfoods to the mixtures and experiment with bread that is suitable far more for you. It’s not always plain sailing with them, there is a learning curve, but you will immediately reduce the additives in your daily loaf. You can get them with a timer for when to start so they can be ready when you get home or for that slice of bread to go with your lunchtime soup! (A salad would be a good choice mind you to go alongside your soup!)

This one is nothing to do with food. Get a robot cleaner, this is the best use of technology ever, mine set’s itself off, and works its way around the house each day. Sadly they don’t make a mop version but I can assure you if they did I would be buying it. Many of you I know can afford a cleaner but feel guilty even thinking about making your life easier in this way. Well, I’m giving you permission if you can afford it get one, and in the words of one of my recent clients, I wish I had done it sooner! I agreed!

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