Naima Nouidjem interview

Hi and welcome to the new series of Food for Thought for 2017 on Natural Health Radio, so who am I starting with this year?

Naima Nouidjem is an internationally known Spiritual Teacher and Healer and Master Coach and she’s developed the Power Coaching FormulaTM a cutting edge program to activate and unfold your Healing & Power Coaching abilities, Connection with Spirit and a powerful platform to transform your inner game and manifest prosperity in your life.

Her connection with Spirit of the Highest Light such as Archangels, Ascended Masters and Guides of the Highest Light is the base of her healing and teaching work The Divine Presence assisting Naima’s work can be seen & felt by her clients and students. Naima’s Unique Ability is the connection with Spirit enables her to give activations, attunements and empowerments that have transformed people’s life quickly in the most tangible way, be it new jobs, new partners, new homes or perfect health.

We discuss her change to this career, how she did it, and her work of creating change in people.

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