Natural change

When we decide that we’ve had enough of our health and that we have to make a change, it’s often about learning to get out of our own way and allowing our body to do what it can do naturally.

Our health is often a message that is giving us the opportunity to review what we are doing in our lives, and just taking supplements or herbs are not the whole answer. Often used in our modern lives as the sticking plaster, all they do is help to bridge the gap whilst we discover what it is that we need to be aware of that is creating the imbalance in our health. Mostly that is that we need to make lifestyle changes because we are working or living in a way that is making us sick and tired and when we are too tired we don’t eat the right diet.

These supplements do though give us the time and space to think and consider what we are doing, they enable the energy that we need to help the body heal, they pick us up from our deficient state so that we can become the person we should be and need to be to move forward. For some of us, this is enough and we go on living our life, using the supplement as the bridge between what we are doing and what we know in our hearts we should be doing but aren’t or can’t.

If we take the health issues seriously as key messages of change, and not just sticky plaster over them so we can carry on, we find that engaging with the process can be transformative on many levels. I find clients rediscover their creative side, their true nature, their happiness, a calmness and often feel whole again. This isn’t due to a supplement, in all honesty, I would like to claim credit for the supplement choice but in reality, it’s happened because they have engaged with the process of knowing they had to change and then making those changes that brought them balance.

When we start to change our diet, we change our ecosystem, something most of us don’t really consider, we change the bacteria and the communication within the body. These bacteria are shown to have wide-ranging effects and therefore what we feed them matters. Through a positive change in diet, we provide nutrients that were probably deficient and were needed. The better we feel the better our ecosystem is working for us, and the more in balance we inevitably are, and the drive to improve this continues. Or not depending on our inner drive for balance and personal growth.

The intelligence within the body is enhanced when we work with the intelligence of nature, moving against nature and a natural way of living ignores this innate intelligence that we hold. So many clients come telling me the things they know are not working for them, sleep, they know they need to go to bed earlier, a glass of wine each evening, they know they shouldn’t but….hey ho, that sandwich is bloating them each day they just knew it was a problem.

Depending on how far we want to go with our healing depends on how superficially we treat what nature has to offer. So if we take supplements allopathically to resolve an issue as we would a medication we are then using it to bridge a gap and purely resolve an issue we have created. For some of us this is and will always feel enough. But if you choose to take your healing to a more spiritual and deeper meaningful level using nature to affect change in that spiritual arena then that is also possible. Each change can create a deeper and deeper understanding of ourselves, and the connection we make with ourselves with our outer and inner worlds.

Our modern world though keeps us away from taking this time out to go deeper into change, it has conditioned us to work, take no time for ourselves. We now only take time off when the sick note allows us to because it’s all become too much and someone else then gives us permission to stop. Considering our conditioning can mean making large-scale changes, which can seem alien to us when we live in a do I say not as I do culture most of the time. So much is run on systems and we get used to working and being ourselves within those systems which create efficiency and enables us in our modern world to achieve so much.

But often these systems are not natural, have us working against nature and leave us feeling worn out, frazzled and out of sorts. So when we choose to affect these systems it can feel like starting to use your left arm when you are right-handed, or if you are left handed your right arm to write. Making the change is awkward and difficult, time-consuming and you are constantly considering using the other arm and going back to what you knew and seemed so easy. Which is why we do. But if we allow and get out of our own way, the ecosystems in the body will take over, and help drive your changes, and help you make choices that will create the difference, you often just have to get started.

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