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imagesI welcome back to Food for Thought this week Robert Forman Author of Enlightenment Ain’t What it’s Cracked Up to be: A Journey of Discovery, Snow and Jazz in the Soul, Executive Director of The Forge Institute, and Founding Exec. Editor, Journal of Consciousness Studies and he’s acknowledged as being one of America’s most respected spiritual teachers.

He’s been busy since we previously spoke writing a new programme called Soul Jazz. Which is about taking people on a journey of discovery, covering areas such as Take a stand, Engaging others with Depth, and Becoming man, Becoming Woman, it’s wide ranging as is the interview. Helping us to rewrite our story, and create a better life, there is no one better positioned to help with this than Robert who has an amazing insight and personal wisdom. Stop yearning for a better life, and putting off living, Robert talks about how his new programme will help you become inspired to live the life you want to or to even realise that you can live something different!

We talk about how you can use the programme to move ourselves through key challenges that many of us have about habitual patterns of thought, self image etc, and explains the support it gives for those who want to weave more soulfulness into their everyday lives and relationships.If learning to become more intimate with yourself is something you wish to explore then Robert’s interviews will help you on that journey, particularly pointing out how authenticity is a key aspect of the process.

He points out some of the tools in the programme that are available, and who has helped him develop them, as always a truly enlightening hour with Robert that tends to fly by, and hopefully an inspiration to join him on his Soul Jazz programme that starts this May. 

Soul Jazz Online can be found by clicking here 

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