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I’m sorry but I don’t trust the food manufactures with my health, and from my perspective neither should you. The rise in obesity continues, and no government policy is really addressing it otherwise it would be reducing! Our NHS is pretty much on its knees, and dealing with disease is its main focus, rather than aiding people to live healthier lives within our communities.

The manufacturers are given carte blanche to do what they like with foods, with little redress, and nothing is going to change whilst our current government’s main conference is sponsored by Tate and Lyle. I’m starting to think that our politicians should have to wear their sponsorship on their suits so that at least we can see if they are likely to deal honestly with our health or not. If you find your MP is sponsored by Virgin Health Care, it’s pretty clear then that they won’t be supporting the NHS, and if Tate and Lyle appear on their lapel then sugar is only going to be taxed and never reduced in foods. Don’t get me wrong I know that funding has to come from our corporate business leaders, but this inevitably influences policy as we can clearly see, whilst our health is reducing yearly.

Do I have a bee in my bonnet, yes, because the manufacturers took a pledge to reduce trans fats in their foods. Self-policing, this is the fox looking after the hen coop. With little benefits for them to change in reality, why would they?

Then I watched a short video by Business Insider who was talking about the healthy foods in fast food chains and how they were still high in salt, in fact, one healthy item would you give over 100% of your sodium needs for the day and was only 400 calories.

Then I see 13-year-olds drinking pink Lucozade which has caffeine in it, it’s aimed at them with the packaging please don’t tell me it isn’t.

And why would a retailer put nuts and seeds by the counter when sweets and cakes not only have a better profit margin but they also sell a whole lot more, and an awful lot of them still have transfats in them.

When was the last time you had a sudden urge for a pecan by the till? Maybe it’s only me!

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