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This weekend I’ve been asked for solutions for a sore throat a number of times, so I thought I would share some ideas for you to try,

First and foremost gargle with salt water, salt is antibacterial and something we all tend to have in the cupboard which is inexpensive. It actually became an element on the periodic table in 1807 and inhibits the growth of bacteria and it sucks out the water from the bacteria which changes the balance within the cell effectively killing it. So this small and seemingly old fashioned approach can be very beneficial.

My mother would have given us a warm water with a teaspoon of honey and a good squeeze of lemon, the original Lemsip in many respects, honey and lemons are shown to be antibacterial so this can also be a great way of soothing the throat very easily across the day. Raw honey or Manuka are likely to be better than more processed honey. You can use Lemon Essential Oil for a more concentrated hit and to help the teeth enamel if you are choosing to drink this across the day.

Increase your immunity, one of those who asked me for solutions was curled up in a blanket with a box of Maltesers left over after Christmas, this is just adding to the problem, so cut out the sugar as it will feed the bacteria and create more inflammation in the body.

Add  a vegetable juice, lot’s of antioxidants need to be used during this time to help the body to build up the immunity.

Vegetable broth, potentially if the throat is very sore it’s the only thing you can take so this helps to lighten the load on the body, it gives valuable nutrients that are also cleansing and is easy to drink across the day. Add some seaweed and you have increased the iodine levels which will also improve the immunity.

Hot and cold water packing around the throat area can also be very helpful for moving the congestion away from the throat. Use 2 bowls of warm and cool water, and 2 clean cloths, 1 for each bowl. Apply the cool cloth to the throat area until the cloth is no longer cold, and then swap for the warm cloth. Do this alternatively for 2-3 minutes 3 times across the day.

Approximately 1/6 of the body is interstitial and the fluid within it is the interstitial fluid which flows into the lymph. This runs parallel to the arteries and veins, draining the waste from the tissues, which is what you are moving when you are doing the hot and cold packing. Echinacea a herb can help stimulate macrophage activity which can then help improve the lymphatic function. This herb also helps because most sore throats are viral in origin.

You can use doTerra Onguard Touch and apply a small amount to the swollen glands on the outside of the throat, so not in the mouth directly, but to the throat externally. With a blend of essential oils with fractionated coconut oil, they are blended for children and those who are sensitive and I have found it very effective to use when the feeling of a sore throat or congestion starts.

Gargle with doTerra On Guard Essential Oil, by placing 1-2 drops in a small amount of water for gargling whilst ensuring that you do not swallow. You can add Lemon Essential Oil which is also very effective.

Take a good probiotic, Cytoplan is great with their range, and The Natural Dispensary have a large range to choose from. This improves the immunity in the gut area, which is always a good place to start. If the bowel is congested and hasn’t moved, you need to focus on ensuring that the bowel moves daily because if this is blocked then your lymphatics are likely to become blocked and this will make moving the sore throat more difficult. So keep it moving.

Keep hydrated. It’s very important to keep yourself fully hydrated, warm water sipped will help.

Cytoplan provides supplements with Vitamin C and an antioxidant blend which includes Zinc as well as Phytoshield which I find very effective during these times.

Garlic added to your meals can be very helpful and it’s well documented the benefits of adding garlic. One of my favourite juices to drink when everyone is starting to come down with bugs is the apple juice, garlic and turmeric drink blended together. We laugh saying that’s it’s not only bacteria that won’t come near me, but it’s shown to be antibacterial and quite frankly I generally come out of any bad bouts of people dropping like flies around me unscathed.

There are links above to Cytoplan and The Natural Dispensary, and for doTerra Essential Oils go here, and yes I do gain a small benefit from being an Advocate of doTerra but I only suggest the things I’m using myself either personally or in practise. mydoterra.com/deborahwalkernaturopath

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