Suzanne Humphries interview

On Food for Thought this week I have Dr Suzanne Humphries, a medical doctor and Nephrologist who is passionate about dispelling the myths that surround vaccinations.

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We talk about her new book called Dissolving illusions, Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten history which is an in depth study of diseases and the history of the vaccines brought in to eradicate them, and how they were reduced.
The book tells it’s story through actual newspaper reports, reports and letters from doctors, and the general public, reports and public officials comments, as well as death notices to show how the reduction in diseases often happened when social, housing and hygiene conditions changed which was happening before vaccinations were brought in to use. A fascinating interview explaining how the perspective on vaccinations is focused towards the use of them, whereas historical documents show that they have not had the impact which they are professed to have.

For those thinking that many of our experiences around vaccinations and trying to prevent mass vaccination is recent, Suzanne’s interview will clearly show you that this hasn’t been the case, and that there have been towns, villages, and whole cities that have said no to them in the past.

For more information about what Suzanne does go to http://drsuzanne.net/

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