T Walton,Fitness Manager,Surrey UK – Passport To Change Testimonial

Hi Debbie

Thank you so much for yesterday.

I walked into your house feeling like I didn’t know which direction to turn in (which is 100% true because I got lost on the way to your place!) especially in my career. As soon as I walked into your house I felt at ease, I didn’t think “oh no what have I let my self in for”. It is because you are so welcoming, with an abundance of energy and that energy you give off it is contagious!, and you didn’t judge me.

I really wasn’t a 100% sure of how the session was going to start apart from the huge piece of blank paper stuck to your wall. It didn’t even feel like a session it was more of an informal chat, like meeting up with an intelligent helpful friend over coffee. One thing that really sticks out in my mind was that you listened, never once butting in when I was thinking of the right words to say, so many people don’t understand that, that is what listening really means.

I thought I had no confidence and by you using (showing) one of your many techniques you helped me understand that I have masses of confidence I just didnt believe it. Which in a nut shell means I had little self belief, easy really. By getting me to remember a time when I felt confident made me feel it instantly. And I then practiced it all day. This morning was the first time in months that I really wanted to wake up and start the day, I have got my energy back and the sparkle in my eye. I am sitting tall, feeling positive and ready for the challenges ahead and this was after one hour with you YESTERDAY!

By the time we had finished the paper was full of my words and my direction was clear. I walked out taller, confident and lighter. I left all my excess baggage at your door, I hope you have’nt fallen over it.

I cant thank you enough.
You’re a real star.
My only regret is that I didn’t see you sooner.

Speak to you soon

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