Tim Van Der Vliet Interview

TimvanderVliet1-300x300This week on Food for Thought I have Tim Van Der Vliet author of the book Spiritual Awakening, The easy wayAfter 13 years in the financial markets, his interest in spirituality gave him a new perspective on the lessons he learned as a trader. Now he is a full time writer who has a fresh, no-nonsense, and light-hearted approach to life.

Tim talks about what changed for him during his time as a trader, how Spiritual Awakening came about, he takes us through the book, and how to find the joy in our lives and truly experience flow.

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About Tim
Tim van der Vliet is a Dutch Hay House author who lives in the city Amsterdam and rides his bicycle to get around. He has a light view on spirituality that he calls ‘Zen from Amsterdam’, and applies easy-to-use and understand tactics to be a spiritual being in the real world.

Tim is a natural born traveler, has a history in the financial market and he has four pretty young children. After his awakening he quit his job and started writing and speaking about life, or spirituality. Tim integrates spirituality into daily life and applies his real life experiences into easy-to-use and understand tactics to be a spiritual being in the real world, which he calls being “a Yogi in the City”. His book, Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) represents a new generation of spiritual books. Spiritual books can be a gift item, short and beautifully designed, without losing meaning. He is currently working on two new books: A Yogi in the City and The Art of Zen Investing.


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