Tomato and ginger soup

soup tomato cookingSoup, one of my favourite dishes to eat, one pot meals left to just cook once all the chopping is done, what more could you want, put it in a pan or the slow cooker and sit and read a book! Perfect…

You need to have flavourful tomatoes, it’s a must, ideally grown yourself and it’s the end of season glut that you are using. Otherwise get in touch with your food when shopping and smell the tomatoes. I believe if we smelt our vegetables and fruits more, we would be leaving more on the shelves in the supermarket due to them having no aroma, and therefore the probability of no taste. We are far too much out of touch with nature, true holistic healing means that you become aware of food, and the benefits it brings, and become more mindful of not only what you eat but also how you are eating it.

Food can be medicinal, if we give it that attention, this soup is stimulating to the vitality of the body, you can use it to increase metabolism, and drive the circulation. Enough ginger and you will feel its heat, use it to heat yourself during this time of transition into Autumn.


1 cup of red lentils

1cm of ginger root grated

1 large punnet of tomatoes chopped


1 litre of water

1 onion chopped

coconut oil

Heat the coconut oil on a medium heat. Chop the onion finely and put into coconut oil and cook off. Add the tomatoes, lentils, grated ginger and stock. You can add a little more ginger but it will heat up the soup but if your palate wants more add it. Allow to cook on a low simmer for 35 minutes, then blend and well you know the rest!

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