Tryptophan smoothie

20141230_105615Get your brain chemistry back on track with this lovely smoothie, that also uses up your clementines that might be sitting in the fruit bowl. So you can also get your antioxidant hit which will be beneficial if you are like one of my household having an acute, or as he calls it a cold! So tryptophan is to be found in your banana, and the lecithin is a beneficial source of choline, and for those thinking there is no calcium in a vegan diet due to no milk, you have a lovely amount in the linseed, and of course you have your EFA’s also in the seeds!


2 clementines

2 teaspoons of linseed meal (from The Flaxseed Farm / High Barn Oils )

1 teaspoon of lecithin

1 tablespoon of coconut milk

thin with either coconut water or water to the desired thickness

Blend and drink.




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