Warming tomato stew

20150214_132345 I love simple stews, easy to eat with a spoon out of the bowl, all curled up on the sofa in a blanket! Yes it’s still cold where I am hence the use of chilli’s in the dish, which was useful after I came home yesterday freezing from being out walking for just that bit too long.

I’m drawn to making red food at the moment, has to be do with the heart, and circulation, the body calling for what it needs to nourish it. Listening to our intuition with food is important because the guidance will provide you with the balanced diet you need, the body draws you to foods you instinctively need, all you need to do is listen, and allow.

We have stifled our intuition for understanding our own food needs with stress, lack of sleep, junk unreal food, and the obligatory stimulants thrown into the mix, our bodies are just hard wired to then pursue more of them, and never will they feel balanced. Until we remove the foreign invaders, food entertainment, and false energy bringers, we don’t truly know what our body is craving. Those false cravings for sugar, salt, and coffee, are there because we are not listening, we are stressed and the body goes craving fast solutions, which the food manufacturer’s provide in abundance. Don’t listen to them, listen to yourself…

You will need:

2 cups of chopped Plum tomatoes I prefer fresh but you could use 2 cans

1 medium Aubergine chopped up into big spoon sized bits!

1/2 can of chickpeas

1/2 can of haricot beans

2 tablespoons of quinoa

1 large long red pepper chopped up into spoon sized portions

1 pinch of dried chilli pepper for a little heat

1 teaspoon of mixed Italian dried herbs

6 tablespoons of water

Well this is particularly easy I threw all of the ingredients into the pan at the same time to be honest, then I brought it to a simmer, and turned the heat down to very low, with a lid on, and then slowly cooked for about 40 minutes. Lovely with chopped avocado and a green salad.

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