Winspiration Day 7th May

Join the Worldwide Winspiration Celebration

Be Inspired…
Be Inspiring!

Winspiration Day London – Proudly Presents

Session 1 (9.30am to 12.15pm) – Gratitude & Inspirational Healing Journey’s Speakers include

  • Stefan Lubo – Photographer
    “Citizen Of The World, Lessons From Life and Travels”
  • Keeley Taverner – Psychotherapist, Coach & Counsellor “Emotional Baggage: The Greatest Threat To Your Dream”
  • Tanya Adams – Shamanic Practitioner & Reiki Healer
    “From Vision to Reality – Dream The World Into Being”
  • Rhona Byrne – International Reiki Master/Teacher &Spiritual Life Coach
    “Self-Love Is The True Route To Healing”

Session 2 (12.30pm to 3.15pm) – Gifts of Healing Speakers include

  • Alessandro Ferullo – Qigong Expert & Teacher
    “Improved Digestion With Qigong”
  • Kayla Conley – Public Speaker and a Mentor
    “The Hidden Messages in Dreams”
  • Jasmine Mbye – Speaker, Trainer & Coach
    “Your Greatest Gift”
  • Dee King – Photographer & Colour Energy Healer
    “Colour Magic”
  • Kenny Mammarella D’Cruz and Lee Michael Walton The Man Whisperer – Consultant, Coach & Guru Professional Musician and Cancer Survivor “The Man Whisperer’ meets ‘The Musical Alchemist’ – transformation through Angels and Demons”

Session 3 (3.30pm to 6.15pm) – Decisions to empower your life Speakers include

  • Dr Kia – Comprehensive Auricular Therapist
    “Practical tips for stress & anxiety using auricular therapy”
  • Deborah Walker -Award Winning Naturopathic Nutritionist& energy therapist. Radio Show Presenter.
    “Small Decisions Create Big Change”
  • Vanessa Louise Moore – Hay House Author and Mentor
    “Release The Image To Reveal The Magic”
  • Johann Ilgenfritz – Cancer Survivor, Motivational Speaker,UK Health Radio Founder and CEO.
    “Good Health is a Choice”

All profits from the event will be donated to: The Warrior Programme – www.warriorprogramme.org.uk Shooting Star Chase – www.shootingstarchase.org.uk

Winspiration day is so special – it is a worldwide celebration, the day we support all positive actions and movements, the day when we think about personal growth and unlimited life possibilities. We can share the energy and see the change; we can be involved with progress, even if we start with small steps. It is true inspiration and a Win-Win situation for all humans.

We are all capable of amazing things if we dare to live courageously

All speakers and organisers are giving their time and expertise free of charge

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