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5 a day! More like 9 a day

To be honest I think the 5 a day is a bit of a joke, I see it as totally inadequate in regards to really getting enough nutrients into the body to enable it to have the energy and vitality that you want.

As a naturopath I believe in working from the inside out on the body, what you put into it reflects on the outside and changes your body in positive ways throughout. Just this week research has shown that eating 5+ portions of fruit and vegetables a day changes your skin tone, and how you look, the sad thing about this research was that the scientists had to position it in regards of how it would make people look, and the cosmetic benefits to eating this much fresh produce, because just finding out that it improved health wasn’t enough to change peoples habits. The research showed that the majority of people often get only 1 or sometimes 2 on average portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, many of my clients who consider they have a healthy diet eat very small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables each day, yet they are vitally important for providing nutrients to rebuild the body. So if my healthiest clients are only eating that many what is everyone else doing?

So I advocate eating 9 if not more like 12 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, which should be split into 3 fruit portions and the rest vegetables, with a portion being about 80g. A massive amount in comparison to the 5 a day, but one which will bring you fabulous health, and energy, and enable your cells to regenerate and rebuild themselves effectively.

Now I know what you are wondering how on earth do I eat that much, well juicing is a great way of getting this amount of nutrients in your body, a pint of vegetable juice could include at least 6 portions of vegetables in it. This will enable you to make your diet nutrient rich, add a smoothie in the day and all of a sudden you are meeting your 9 a day, with 3 portions alongside your dinner, consider a lovely big green leafy salad and you are easily meeting 12 a day. I promise you with this increase in nutrients you will see a rapid improvement happening in your energy and vitality.

Try this juice (not a smoothie but juiced!)

1 beetroot raw

2 carrots

1 apple

1” cube of ginger (not if you are on blood thinning medication)

1 portion of kale

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