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I like to think that I’m a Pamela Anderson type of life guard, my thinking is that I’m not only there to only call upon when your health is sinking fast, or when you are drowning in a sea of health issues that you have no idea how to swim away from. I don’t enjoy waiting at the side of the pool for you to start your descent before I step in, no that is not the way to get the best out of your naturopathic nutritonist at all! Much like the Pamela Anderson style of lifeguard I much prefer to be in there giving support and advice on an ongoing basis, enabling you to have ongoing sustainable health for the long term.

Most people leave it until the last minute to come and see me, I am normally their very last resort, when it’s become about saving a sinking ship.

But I’m not hear just in case of emergencies, and that really isn’t in all seriousness the way to get the best from me, I use the latest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine technology to enable me to understand your ongoing health picture. With world beating health screening technology, identifying health issues so quick you won’t believe it, and using lazer acupuncture as well as individualised remedies you will find it hard to find a more tailored natural approach. Each and every treatment plan is tailored with dietary advice, supplements, techniques, as well as lifestyle changes you could be making to give you the best voyage in your health journey.

Don’t leave me standing around all day by the side of the pool, use me when it’s not an emergency to keep your health tip top. I can provide you with ongoing real value, throughout the year with screenings constantly giving you an understanding of your health picture.

Is it time to get yourself a Pamela Anderson instead? I’m here and waiting with my life buoy at the ready!

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