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Something you may not realise is that up to 80% of your immunity is created in your digestive tract, yes up to 80%. Your digestive system is an amazing system, breaking down the food into molecules to either give you energy or rebuild your body, it prevents anything foreign from passing into your body therefore protecting you, it even creates vitamins.

Most people don’t realise that the intestines produce B Vitamins, well they do if they are working properly. B Vitamins are vital for proper brain functioning, and they are severely impacted when you are stressed, in fact most people realise that their bowels suffer when they are stressed, but don’t realise about the impact on their vitamin levels. So if the bowels are affected, I can put a sure bet on the B vitamins of the individual are impacted. Why be bothered about B vitamins? Well research shows that stress causes the brain to atrophy if the individual is under stress for only 2 weeks, how many of us have stress for only 2 weeks? I don’t know of anyone to be honest. Just ]one of the factors leading to this is the impact on the B vitamins, because without them you just don’t have good brain health, so having a well performing digestive tract is imperative to having good brain health.

The digestive tract can become imbalanced fairly quickly because of our lifestyles and high stress, I see many people who have had issues for many years thinking that it’s the norm to have IBS, constipation, heart burn, indigestion, or diarrhoea. But it isn’t and it’s important that you get it sorted out, because in the long term it will affect your long term immunity and ability to fight off infections. The more imbalanced your system is, the quicker your body will age, because if it can’t work properly it can’t absorb the nutrients, it can’t break them down properly, and it can’t eliminate the waste which leads to toxicity in your body. Your body needs your digestive tract to be working fully to be able to give you health and energy.

Quick things you can change.

Are you cleaning your teeth properly or giving them a quick once over? When we start to have bacteria in the mouth it will pass into the digestive system, and you put the digestion under stress which is unnecessary. The picture of health in your mouth is indicative of the rest of your system, which makes it an important place to start with keeping it clean.

Are you chewing your food fully? I know it makes eating take so much longer, but if you chew your food properly you are reducing the work that the rest of your system has to do to digest your food. It allows the enzymes in your mouth to do their job properly, giving stomach a little less to do.

Are you overloading your stomach and digestion by overeating? When you overeat you are putting your body under stress, the stomach will not be able to breakdown excessive amounts of food, did you know that your stomach is only the size of your fist! Just take a note next time you do this about how much energy you have after you have over eaten, your digestion takes a massive amount of your energy up digesting food, and I bet that you don’t have any energy left after doing this, in fact you probably feel shattered in the morning as well. The body will do 2 things it will either become slower at digesting the food, therefore constipating you, or it will push the food through quickly and you will end up on the loo fairly swiftly! Either way, it’s an expensive way of wasting food, because your body can’t absorb it.

Are you stressed? Well not only could you come and learn some simple techniques at the Stress-Less workshop that can reduce your stress, but also are you taking B Vitamins? Are you drinking enough water, your digestive system depends on it to function fully. Also don’t eat when you are feeling stressed, your body doesn’t absorb food when it is stressed anyway, so you will either store it or it will pass too quickly through your system.



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