Achieving the success you deserve


How have I made my biggest successes happen? This was someone’s question to me whilst in clinic this week, so I thought I would outline how I focus myself.

  • I feel the fear and do it anyway, to coin a phrase!
  • I am a massive implementer, I know what to do and I don’t procrastinate I just get on and do it.
  • I am really clear on how I invest my time, over just spending it, I really try not to waste the little time I have on the things that don’t matter or won’t make a difference.
  • I am totally focused on what I want to make happen, and I singularly work to achieving it.
  • I plan my time, I have a reminder list, my to love list, and it’s all clearly linked with the projects that I’m working on so that I understand what and why I’m doing them, and so I can prioritise them. I also have a private calendar and the night before I plan my next day with tasks I need to do and I estimate the time I am going to have them done in. I plan the whole day out like this so that I don’t overwhelm myself, and by doing this it has revolutionised how much I understand I can actually do. This means….I plan nothing but clients when I’m in clinic for instance, they are my total focus for that day, and don’t overwhelm myself trying to get through my emails as well unless I’ve got space to, which is of course in the calendar!
  • I am ruthless about how I spend my time…by the way.
  • I don’t multitask, I mono task, when I focus, I focus for 90 minutes on the next thing I have to do, and I work in 90 minute blocks giving 26 minutes for each task or set of tasks. This means I move through tasks quicker but I also get to the end of them, and feel the achievement of actually doing them.
  • I close out all other distractions including Facebook, and social media, friends and my family so I can focus undisturbed.
  • I see the bigger picture, I have a clarity about what I’m achieving, and I’m prepared to get on and do the things that matter to get there with or without help, I believe if you want to have something happen you have to make it happen yourself. It’s never about other people, which doesn’t mean I don’t have support to run the business just that it’s down to me to make it happen.
  • I love what I do, and only do what I love, I have a passion for my work, my learning, and my business providing a great service, and a knowledge to the wider world in respects to the radio station. When I don’t love it, I quickly re-evaluate it, working out what might have changed and I make the changes I need to make to fall in love again.
  • I’m totally wedded to what I do, I love naturopathic nutrition, I love coaching, I love health, I love energy therapies, I love my clients, I love working with them, I love writing, I love the radio work, I just love it, and this means that it’s not a job, it’s never really a chore its just fun.
  • I get out each and everyday in nature, with friends, on my own or with a dog! It’s great to not only stretch the legs but also give yourself space to think and talk.
  • I exercise everyday, it keeps everything moving.
  • I live the life I suggest others live 99% of the time (well no ones perfect!). It’s gives me amazing vitality and energy of the like I never experienced before I did it.


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