Aisling Fitzgibbon interview

About_ImageOn Food for Thought this week I have the rather amazing Girl Against Fluoride, AKA Aisling Fitzgibbon. One girl against the Irish Government, prepare to be inspired. Wednesday 2pm and Saturday replay at 1pm

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Aisling FitzGibbon aka ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’ is taking legal action against the Irish Government to prevent them from adding dangerous chemicals such as fluoride to the water supply. 

In the run up to the court case they are engaging in a nationwide public awareness campaign to inform as many people as possible about the adverse health effects of fluoride. 

Aisling is taking on this legal battle for the sole purpose of ensuring the right to clean, safe drinking water for the people of Ireland. 

Although Aisling is the one initiating the case, she really needs your help!


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