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  GoddessCallingCover2014The time is right for a change is the message of this book, and this is almost a manifesto for enabling goddess or the female energy back into the world in which we live. Our patriarchal society has created one deeply entrenched in a military industrial complex, treating people in ways which we should not be accepting of, one that has lost it’s care for humanity, nature and nurture. This book is about creating that reconnection, about realising our societies were ones that previously had women as leaders, historically and that they had much to offer.

For me this read as a guide for feminism for the 21st Century, except rather than an unshackling of chains for equality, it felt like a return to that which is feminine to balance our society . It explains how the ancient mythology of the Sacred Feminine as Karen refers to it, has been obscured and demonised, particularly in the West, and how from her perspective women have experienced a form of ‘gendercide’ in the last 40,000 years.

In our world women have in my opinion lost the power over themselves in so many ways, whilst being mostly under the illusion of thinking they still hold it. This book is about helping those men and women in the community who are ready to not only become aware of the power they hold, but also enabling it again, and do it in a Sacred Feminine manner.

A very straight speaking book, that shouts loud about how we see a very narrow and limiting picture of what it means to be a woman in our society, this picture is about serving man. She highlights how our patriarchal society approves of the nubile sex goddess for man’s pleasure or the giving mother but the roles they expect us to play are all those which are dictated and acceptable to them. She shows how todays society dictates to women the parameters of beauty, for young girls and women to try to live up to the impossible ideal, the distorted views of what women and sexuality should be. Showing statistics which are always rather depressing about women of how we are continually poorly represented in leadership roles, how elderly women end up in poverty, and how women tend to earn less on average. Very clear is it’s message that this is what we now need to move away from, and re-establish the feminine in our society again. But the journey we have come so far showing from when it was debated if women had souls, suffering abuse for wanting the vote and often institutionalised if you were an activist and had any desire for equality, to where we are now, which is clear from this book that we still have a way to go.

She asks that we stage a coup, a Sacred Feminine coup, based on the concept of inter-connection, reverence for Nature, a Mother Goddess, and respect of one another and the planet. It’s not a big ask really! She’s asks that we become reconnected with those feminine aspects our ourselves that are empowering us as women, to take back the control. For me her commentary on ‘Big Pharma’ as she terms it shows how the power of healing has been taken away from ourselves and one that resonated deeply.

The Dalai Lama said it would be Western Women who would save the world. Karen says “When it’s time to make a choice, find your sacred rage and your sacred roar.” The attributes are wide of women, yet are mostly ignored for the Western ideal of women which is highly skewed, she shows how goddess mythology has much to teach us, and she quotes Elizabeth Gould Davis, “The time has come to put woman back into the history books, to readmit her to the human race. Her contributions to civilization have been greater than man’s, and man has overlooked her long enough.”

I don’t think most women realise that we are marginalised continually in our society, we grow up in something which we no longer see happens in a variety of ways, and by reading this I feel you can’t help but see how the feminine was swept beneath the sands of time. An inspiring read.

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