Aloe Aloe!!

Well now I’ve got the Allo Allo joke out of the way, which potentially you will only get if you are my age group and watched the comedy programme about the French Resistance, I will get on with the recipe.

This has become my new favourite drink, mainly because it’s been helping me to actually get better from what has been a rather bad cold. The benefits of Aloe Vera are pretty widely known, it’s very good for the immunity, it helps to soothe the membranes of the gastro intestinal tract, great for constipation, and wonderful for the skin. If you have parasites or worms it can be very helpful in reducing them, and can be used with fungal issues. Soothing for stomach conditions such as ulcers, and is very like taking a multivitamin and mineral because it contains such a wide array of nutrients including antioxidants and amino acids so it’s perfect for this situation of healing.

I’ve been using the fresh leaf, fresh is always best, I’ve got, or at least did have a rather large plant in my front room. It will grow back, and I’ve got a few others on their way, Aloe Vera is very easy to grow, in fact I’ve always found that it tends to grow itself, which is a good thing as I don’t have the greenest of fingers. If you have a conservatory it’s perfect for it, and it will sprout small versions of itself that you can pot on, so you always have a good supply.

Aloe Aloe

400ml of unsweetened coconut water, or you can use young coconuts if you want and then blend the flesh of that in as well!

1/2 lime, just remove the peel

4-5 cm of a nice chunky leaf of Aloe Vera Plant, cut off the skin to remove the gel, or use 20 ml of Cytoplan Aloe Vera Inner Leaf

It’s easy to make you just blend together. Fast food at it’s most natural.

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