Chestnut stew

Easy food that takes no time at all to prepare is what works best in our house, and this was lunch today. Colds are going around, and I can feel something is in the background trying to start so the garlic is going to help knock that on it’s head.


200g of cooked Chestnuts

1/4 medium swede or turnip

3 medium carrots, 1 carrot thrown to the whippet to eat! Because he likes a carrot!

1 garlic clove

bouquet of garni

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

250ml of vegetable stock

coconut oil

Heat the coconut oil, and crush the garlic clove, and gently cook it. Add the chopped carrots, throw one to the whippet, and turnip cook for a couple of minutes. Make up the vegetable stock if using a cube, and add the tomatoes to the pan, then the chestnuts, and finally the stock. Throw in the bouquet of garni, by this point the dog has probably finished the carrot and may be looking for the ends of the carrots, throw them to the dog. Put the lid on and leave to cook for 30 minutes.

Eat with a nice slice of sourdough, or avocado sliced into it, and sauerkraut. Lovely!

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