Apple and nut butter snack

20150115_140013Oh wow I discovered Keen’s nut butters since being in Ireland the one I’m using at the moment is blended almonds with vanilla pod, and it’s lovely I have to say! So I thought I would share what I’ve been doing with it!

I love apple slices with hummus, and now this almond butter! Here I’m eating half and half as you can see, a bit of savoury a bit of sweet, to appeal to my palate today. Lovely and balanced, with fruit, and protein and fat, so with almond butter coming in at 0 GL’s and the apple 5 GL’s those of you wanting to balance your blood sugar will be doing well to have this as a regular snack. And you know what they say…well in one piece of research I read called “An apple a day keeps the oncologist away” a whole new slant on keeping the Dr away, which I totally approve of!


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