Natural Cordial

20150117_111115One of the main things that I have my clients do at first is hydrate themselves. The reason is because they are often dehydrated and chronically so. But they get bored with just drinking plain old water, so coming up with ideas on how to make it more exciting is becoming my forte in life!

So how do I jazz it up, well one of the ways is by putting lots of fruit into it, and allow it to sit for about an hour or 2 before drinking it, I refill the container a couple more times across the day. I do this with both hot and cold water, so even in cold weather its a great drink to have.

Todays recipe has a range of berries in it:

1-2 cups of berries I’ve used frozen because it’s the time of year when there isn’t any fresh that aren’t exorbitant prices!

Add a teaspoon of Xylitol if you would like to sweeten it.


Yes that’s it!

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