Are fats really bad for you?

about-BOD This Wednesday at 2pm and Saturday 1pm on www.naturalhealthradio.co.uk on Food for Thought we have Kristen Harper back on who runs Perfect Health Consulting Services works as a Nutritional Balancing and Lifestyle Coach in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Kristen is listed as an approved practitioner in hair mineral analysis, and she is passionate about her business because she had Adrenal Exhaustion from early childhood until she reached the age of 22, which was undetected through Conventional Medicine and other healing arts. She overcame Adrenal Exhaustion through Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing.

This week we talk about using fats in the diet, types of fats that are healthy, and those which aren’t, how much is enough, how your hormones are affected by fats, and why you shouldn’t be avoiding them. We take a quick detour off into health laws in the US at the moment as well, and how much work she is doing to educate her local community. Kristen is incredibly will to share her knowledge of what for her makes great health.

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