Be a goddess in 2014!

One of my favourite goddesses on this planet it Leonie Dawson who just seems to continually exude happiness, vitality and an energy for being creative. When our health isn’t as it should be, meditation is a great way of getting it back, but I know from experience of both my clients and myself that meditating when you are already stressed, feeling under the weather, and overwhelmed, can be near on impossible. So this is where having guided meditations can be useful at first, because they help to train you to get into ‘the zone’ as Tom Evans would call it! We often don’t realise how out of balance we are until we start to address what is feeling wrong in us, and it can be the journey of learning to change this that can lead to a personal growth we never realised we could achieve.

Leonie is great with the support she offers in regards to personal development through her calendar, workbooks, and meditations, I love them, I hope you do too. x

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