Interview with Brian McDonogh

The past 2 weeks on Food for Thought I’ve had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Dr Brian McDonogh about health, wellbeing and cholesterol.

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My inspiration for this book came after finding that my wife, much to our surprise, had high cholesterol.  She does not fit the mental profile one would typically have for a person with this condition.  I asked her one day if I could take her cholesterol reading when running routine checks on the equipment in my surgery and lo and behold it registered far higher than either of us would have thought.  To run a double check on my equipment, I took a blood sample from her and sent it off to the lab.  The reading was spot on.

My wife is fortunate.  We have been able to address the matter early with targeted nutritional supplements and modifications to her diet.  We were completely oblivious to the fact that, despite her healthy lifestyle, she had hereditary high cholesterol.  By a fluke chance my wife has been able to take measures to rectify the situation before she became a casualty of secondary complications from High Cholesterol such as heart disease, which may have left her with limited or no options for recovery, proving that prevention is definitely better than cure.

The most common medical treatment for the condition of high cholesterol is statin drugs.  These often have side effects which are sometimes serious, especially when the correct nutritional supplements are not given at the same time.  This is completely avoidable.  There is another way.  This book will explain what cholesterol is, why it is vital to health, how to manage it correctly and which nutritional options are effective.

Dr Brian McDonogh is a medical doctor with a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Medicine.  He is passionate about exploring scientifically based alternative methods to managing health. He believes in the body’s ability to regenerate.  He uses changes in diet and lifestyle, targeted nutrition, supplements and healing herbs.  His vision is to treat the cause of illness rather than merely to suppress symptoms.  He likes to work in partnership with the patient.  He says this gives the sufferer greater choice in making better informed decisions in the management of their recovery.

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