BICOM and Bioresonance therapy

I work with several pieces of equipment in appointments (as long as you are not pregnant, or have an electrical device in the body), the Asrya which I tend to use to test the body with and which can give me an overview of what is happening in the body is generally used in the first session.

In following sessions I then may use the BICOM which I will use to support the body with it’s own healing mechanism. The BICOM machine has been used in Europe since the 1970’s and as with the rest of work I do you can use this treatment alongside your conventional therapies.

We are now faced with an increasingly large amount of illnesses that are not improving through the medical approaches that are on offer. This is from my perspective because most illness is multifaceted and therefore one approach does not fit all, and the medications are often masking the underlying issue.

Bioresonance treatments work to support the body’s own mechanisms of elimination and healing. It’s non invasive, and aids the body’s own recovery systems. These are not a cure they support the body to do what it is designed to do. They work on the electromagnetic nature of the body helping to gently and incrementally encourage balance within the body and an example of how this works in a similar fashion is the noise cancelling headphone. The equipment helps to reduce the load on the body altering the frequencies which helps the body to focus on healing. This treatment can feel like nothing is really happening whilst being treated, but there are generally subtle changes that happen with the body’s functions and systems in the following hours and days that enable the body’s healing mechanisms to function far better.

To book an initial consultation in Omagh, Northern Ireland clinic click this link and highlight BICOM in the comments section.

I have had itching in my feet now for a couple of years, which had got worse when I went to bed and was driving me nuts. The toe nails were becoming fungal and no amount of fungal treatment or essential oils was working, so I decided to see Deborah and she opted to try this treatment. I had a basic therapy treatment it was really quick at the end of my main session and I wasn’t really sure to be honest it had been worth my while, I was sent a treatment plan to follow and asked to come back the following week for a further big machine treatment. The feet itched a lot less that following week and I hadn’t changed anything else, the supplements hadn’t even arrived at this point, within a couple of sessions the feet had completely stopped itching. I really wasn’t expecting anything to happen after the treatment and had left really sceptical but thought I had nothing to lose. But now it’s resolved! D Walton Surrey

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