Cheeky coffee – substitute of course.

20150114_142220Are you finding it hard to come off your coffee fix each day, is it your best friend from waking to last thing at night or have you managed to keep it to a couple of times a day? Coffee is one of our favourite drinks in the UK, with the big branded coffee shops being the place to meet its become as common in our day as Tikka Masala is to us!

So what do I drink instead, well a good proportion of my day is warm water with herbals in them, echinacea tincture during winter being one of my favourites!  But then I drink raw cacao drinks, which I will share with you, and this coffee substitute drink Barley Cup. I’ve not got a problem with gluten grains, I keep them low in my diet, but I don’t tend to have to avoid them. Here is one of the things i do with it!

Barley Cup powder to taste

Brazil nut milk

I blend them to get the froth, which makes me feel all special! But you can just mix them together! The great thing about this is that it is caffeine free, and that is a bonus for me, I avoid caffeine because I don’t want the affects it gives me.

Today I’ve put some echinacea tincture into it, because the coffee will mask it, but I do also put Reishi Mushroom powder in as well sometimes.

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