Day 14 – Get Back On The Wagon 2015!

I had an interesting and learning experience a few years ago that changed my life. I worked to someone who would never let me not achieve something, stressful as this was, it made me always consider how close I could get at that particular point with the resources that I had at that time. This has played out across my life ever since, those around me know that I just don’t take no for an answer, when someone tells me they can’t do something for me, I always ask well what can you do? I want to get as close as I can, so I ask myself and those people the right question to enable me to creatively achieve it.

So how are you stopping yourself from achieving what you want. Are you putting up barriers to stopping yourself or are you asking what can you do with the resources that you currently have and where you are on your journey at the moment?

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