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Deborah Walker saved my life …………………… an exaggeration you might think but when I first saw her I had no energy, my skin was unhealthy, I had seven colds in as many months, had back pain from a prolapsed disc and was suffering from depression after the death of my husband a year earlier. I felt helpless and at rock bottom. Debbie put me on a cytoplan high quality multi vitamin complex tablet plus a couple of other tablets and suggested I try to eat a healthy diet with vegetables etc. I screwed up my face and said I don’t like vegetables and I certainly will not be changing my eating habits. Debbie was not put off by lack of openness to change and was still incredibly encouraging and supportive of the stranger she had just met. She asked for my commitment for just two months and said she would increase my energy levels by eighty percent. My results showed I was also severely dehydrated and she encouraged me to drink warm water which would rehydrate me much quicker than cold and my body would not use energy warming it up first.

The tablets arrived within a couple of days and I remember starting to take them on the Saturday and on the Sunday I fell asleep in the middle of the day at an event. By Monday afternoon I noticed I felt a little brighter and more awake; by the end of that week I started to think perhaps I could manage the ‘five a day’ she had suggested. From then on my diet, energy and overall health began to improve and within a month I had my first ever home made fresh vegetable juice mix with apple, cucumber, beetroot, broccoli, lemon, carrot and celery which for someone who didn’t like vegetables was a miracle in itself especially when I discovered it actually tasted nice too.

I have absolute trust in Debbie and cannot speak of her more highly; she has a kind, generous and supportive nature and her knowledge and expertise is second to none. Working together with Debbie has led me to a place where just over a year later I am the healthiest I have ever been. I follow her simple advice, eighty percent good food and twenty percent treats. I now have perfect skin, have lost the two stone in weight I gained after my husband died, have more energy now than I can ever remember having, am no longer depressed, my back condition has stabilised and I am less pain and I have not had a cold or any illness for about ten months. So yes, thank you Debbie, you really did save my life.

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