Interview with Frederique Murphy 21st December 2013

Food for Thought this week we have Frederique Murphy a mindset strategist, who specialises in the areas of Inspirational Strategy, Leadership, Communication, Change, Impact, and Achievement. Click here to listen

Frederique has deftly combined her life, business and mind expertise to develop the Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) platform. M3 is the blend of her moving life experience, her remarkable business acumen – having been a communications and change management consultant for over 10 years, working on multi-million dollar programmes around the world and running a successful business – and her mind expertise – having learned, trained and become internationally recognised and licensed with various mind components, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Neurological Repatterning.

Thanks to her M3 platform, Frederique provides individuals, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs with a wealth of mindset resources to help them strategise with vision, design with clarity, plan with focus, and lead with momentum. She shares her M3 Power through her transformational range of innovative productscoaching services#1 Amazon Best Seller book, award-winning blog, articles and newsletters, unforgettable talks and life-changing events. She believes in guiding her clients through unforgettable journeys towards their own true wealth as they become the true leaders of their life, career and business.

For more information on Frederique’s transformational range, visit FrederiqueMurphy.com, join the free M3 Power Community, and start climbing now!

A fabulous interview, and one not to miss….

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