Coconut kefir and cashew milk

IMG_1515Coconut kefir 1 large dessertspoon

1 dessert spoon of cashew nuts

1 inch of vanilla pod

A pinch of cinnamon optional

1 teaspoon of lecithin

3-4 cups of water do to your taste and how thick you would like it

Blend and drink

This is a great way to set up your day, after your lovely warm glass of water with Aloe Vera, this is quite filling. Of course the other benefits are that it’s giving you great probiotics, so supporting the gut picture. At this time of year I’m hearing a lot of people with coughs and colds and this will help to boost the immunity. Cinnamon is great for blood sugar balancing, lecithin is supporting the membranes of nerve cells.

Don’t just gallop it down, make sure you take your time over drinking it because of the nut content.

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