Damaging our health

We are all interconnected, there is a unity that is needed for ourselves to be healthy in our world, and the lack of protection our biodiversity of plants, animals and micro-organisms are getting is ultimately damaging our health. Our air in some locations is so polluted that it’s now a risk to health, a basic element. Our foods are depleted in nutrients, and covered in waxes and preservatives to help them look good on the shelves and last longer, and sprayed to stop those pesky insects from bothering them. We accept this as a norm, but it shouldn’t be the case, foods that only look good but have no taste or nutrients are ultimately pointless.

These natural systems that effectively are the foundations behind creating the food that we eat, are falling apart. Our world is becoming ill, if our worlds health isn’t high then neither is ours, holistic health is literally that. This is changing the quality of our foods, and of course the ability of our farmers to even grow foods. How many more ‘stark warnings’ are those doing the research into this going to give before action is actually truly taken against those doing it. If I was a big company profiting, why would I bother to change until it hits my profits? Businesses aren’t in place to be altruistic, they are there to make a profit from what they are selling for their shareholders. Until we stop buying, consuming or supporting them, things are not really going to change until they are forced to change.

I wonder at what point will we let it get to? Because with the cancer projected figures at 1 in 2, does it have to be everyone before we create waves to change things? We are not meant to be this ill, our society is ill, our world is ill. We are like fish swimming in a polluted environment, we have to change the water if we want to clean up, not pile more things in on the hope of not making it any murkier to swim in.

Proper action, not diluted down actions have to truly to taken, because our governments don’t want to effect those businesses who would be impacted by taking action. Those powerful companies that actually seem to have more say over our governments food and health policies than the general public do. How is this right?

This week I did a talk for the charity Business in the Community and one of the participants was almost in despair about how even the healthy foods that we now eat are contaminated and how are you meant to be healthy? It was a really good point. Even those choices are risky to health she felt, and yes there are aspects sadly that make this so, but we have to live in this modern world and do our best making the best choices we can make with what is available around us, and trying to alter them as much as we can. We have to support practises and businesses that are trying to do the best for the wider collective, that are not damaging our environment but are supporting it and therefore our health.

As consumers we have more say than we think we do, our purchasing power changes the focus of these businesses, we know that because we see more healthy products now being produced than ever.

If we are going to resolve this, it has to be collectively and not just in pockets, but on a wide scale, if we are to have good and optimal health, then the food we eat actually has to be toxin free and healthy. If we are to be able to eliminate properly those toxins then we have good quality unpolluted air, food and water that enable us to do this and are not adding to the problem. Our foods have to be nutritious not just look good on the shelf.

We are not suddenly becoming ill, disease has a latency period, it doesn’t just form overnight, we often have indicators for years that something is wrong. This is no different to what our wider environment is doing with us now, if this many dashboard lights were coming on in your car you would not be trying to drive it, but with our world and our body’s we carry on. Limping along watching things like our soils and insect populations die, this is like a car with it’s dashboard lights on, we can still move it, but pushing it defeats the object when the thing is meant to move itself.

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