It’s only 72 calories!

I think it’s time that we advertised snacks and foods with nutrient levels within them rather than calories. So what if the item is 72 calories, 72 calories of what exactly, flavours, colourings, salt, puffed something or other, refined this, processed that. Great so it helps you calorie control eating a calorie dense nutritionally poor food, choose an apple instead.

The media have people focusing on calories at the detriment of their health, they may as well tell you yes your snack doesn’t have an ounce of goodness in it, but it will keep you going for the next few hours. Don’t worry that this focus has you completely ignoring the benefits of foods outside of the calorie intake, so that you can keep counting nutritionally deficient foods. Foods build the body, they don’t just give energy, your processed food is building a processed body. Be aware in the long run the only people who gain are the manufacturers, your health certainly doesn’t.

I would like these foods to tell you their nutrient levels instead, and at least show people who devoid of life they really are. The less life in your food, the less life you are likely to have.

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