Day 4 – Get back on the Wagon! 2015

Today I’m going out, I love to walk, and so I thought today would be perfect for reminding you to do some form of exercise. Exercise and movement is incredibly important for the body, I love to go out into the light as much as I can, because I believe the interaction of the light with my body truely helps.

Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun, dance, walk with friends, or a group, walk someone’s dog, of course get their permission! Do a bit of yoga, pilates, find a class that you love doing. I find a reason to go out for a walk every day, I occasionally go to the gym, but love dancing instead, so those are my exercises. They bring a smile to my face, so it’s never a chore, its enjoyable, and this is how you should feel about your exercise. So for today I ask that you do some form of movement.

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