Dr. Emma Mardlin Interview

On this episode of Food for Thought I welcome Dr. Emma Mardlin, a trained psychotherapist who holds a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, she works with both adults and children in The Pinnacle Practice (a health and well- being practice and training company) that she runs. Today we are talking about her latest book MIND BODY DIABETES TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 A positive, powerful, and proven solution to stop diabetes, and that title should peek your interest.

My jaw dropped reading Emma’s book due to many of the experiences she talks about, astonishingly in one instance her teacher told her classmates that one of your ‘hype’ experiences were due to you being possessed by the devil! At times treated appallingly in school, by the medical profession, her experiences really shocked and saddened me, to be honest. In this interview, she not only discusses these experiences but how in so many ways they gave her such a strong mindset, which has left her able to not only make a recovery but also support others to achieve approvements in their health.

She talks about the mind-body solution that she uses, to liberate people from diabetes, I expected an outline of a dietary plan that would bring the body back to natural balance and remove the blood sugar issues, and yes the book includes that but she explains how the majority of the book is about how powerful our mind is and that part of the key to a recovery is to manage it effectively.

About the Author Dr. Emma Mardlin

As a trained psychotherapist and holding a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, Dr. Emma Mardlin works with both adults and children in clinical practice; working with the human psychology, unconscious mind, and entire neurology to activate positive results in terms of health, well-being, and professional performance.

Emma is co-founder and partner to The Pinnacle Practice, a health and well-being clinic and training consultancy in Nottingham and London. Alongside this, Emma and her partner also operate a privately funded charity division of their business for individuals in severe need, as well as taking UK NHS referrals when the system permits.

At The Pinnacle Practice Emma sees individuals with a host of life challenges from psychological and physical health concerns and conditions to severe traumas, and people in need of general life support, personal and professional development, or understanding oneself to get the very best results in life.

Emma further trains and lectures public organizations, government departments, and private companies in the UK and The United Arab Emirates; writing and delivering requested courses in all aspects of stress management, communication, leadership, presenting, and utilizing the mind for maximum positive results in health, education, and business.

Emma also provides professional practitioner qualifications in Clinical Hypno- therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She also writes professionally for numerous journals and media. As a dedicated individual, Emma displays a genuine passion and energy for all she does, integrating her vast personal and professional life experiences to help others. For additional resources and information you can visit: www.dr-em.co.uk www.pinnacleminds.co.uk em_mardlin@twitter.com

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