Robert Mazure interview

Welcome to the next episode of Food for Thought on Natural Health Radio and this week I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Mazure, a natural health practitioner so passionate about the Nature Cure approach that he went to India to produce a documentary about the hospitals that are still using it.

We discuss how these hospitals are government approved, although privately funded, using a mixture of yoga designed specifically for different health issues, acupuncture, fasting, hydrotherapy, nutrition and massage. He covers the approach they take to heal even the most difficult of chronic disease states including kidney disease.

Trailer for the documentary.

The documentary is called Nature Cure THE REVIVAL, Holistic Health Care Without Drugs and will be screened in East London in May Click here to book tickets and watch this amazing documentary, and support his work. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nature-cure-the-revival-tickets-22581597165

What is absolutely amazing is how Robert turned his life around after being in prison he has become an amazingly driven person in the health field, and this story is inspiring to hear.

Biography from Robert:

Nature Cure is System of Health Care that I love with a passion. It integrates a very unique range of treatment modalities forming a truly Holistic approach to Health that integrates the best of the West with the best of the East, and is highly effective in the treatment of all lifestyle disorders.






Yoga Therapy

My inspiration to immerse myself in to the field of Nature Cure came while I visited India in 2011. While I was there I visited my first Nature Cure hospital and was able to view first hand the real power and efficacy of Nature Cure as a System of Health Care. I was totally illuminated and realised immediately that I was going to return to India several times to make a Nature Cure Documentary in order to share this passion of mine with as many people as possible. That is what I have now done.


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