Dr Phil Carson Interview

Food for Thought this week I am with Dr. Phil Carson who is a Doctor of Pharmacy, but since earning his Doctorate in Pharmacy he’s qualified in numerous certifications in Natural and Alternative Therapies for weight loss, fibromyalgia, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Founder of Carson Natural Health in 2005, and now the Co-founder of the Life Transformation Medical Center, he’s the voice behind The Feeling Good Podcast.

We discuss what led him to move from his career in Pharmacy into natural medicine, and the therapies and approaches he is using in his practice. What it means to live well and in a healthy state in both of our societies, particularly in America where they have some of the best healthcare in the world yet the worst obesity and health epidemics.

Phil talks with me about the lack of the feeling good factor in health, and life that leaves people actually struggling to understand what that really looks and feels like anymore, what is the really healthy and a good benchmark. “Too many Americans are living as prisoners in their own bodies” a fascinating statement that he explains.

He specialises in Fibromyalgia which for me is a very interesting condition to work with my clients on, because although I have an approach, everyone is so different though in regards to how we resolve it in the long term. He discusses how he treats this particular health issue and how it’s not just a nutritional approach but one that encompasses the mind and spirit leaving his patients feeling empowered.

You can contact Dr. Phil Carson through his website http://carsonnatural.com/

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