Dr John Demartini interview

FoodForThought_FinalOn Food for Thought this week it’s an incredible privilege to welcome Dr John Demartini, and where do I start with John’s resume? Well he is considered the worlds’ leading authority on human behaviour, he is a leadership development specialist, a best selling author,who has written over 40 books, an international speaker, global educator, and the Founder of theDemartini Institute.

We talk about the Healing power of Gratitude, and the research now that proves what he has been teaching for many years, that Gratitude is healing.

Many scientific studies, including research by renowned psychologists, have found that people who consciously focus on gratitude, experience greater emotional well being and physical health than those who don’t. He explain from his years of learning why this is the case, and how gratitude can help us to resolve key health issues of obesity, heart disease, and cancer, and how depression happens when our desires don’t match our expectations.

Listen here 

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