Angela Heap Interview

 angela-heap1This week on Food for Thought I’m Interviewing nutritional specialist Angela Heap who works within the arena of fertility. Listen on Monday 8pm, Wednesday and Saturday at 9.30pm

Angela starts the interview by giving a background into her practice and how it all came about, As an expert in the field of fertility nutrition she see’s clients that have often been through a very personal journey while trying to get pregnant, and they all have a story to tell. She does more than just telling them what to eat she works to empower her clients through knowledge, which she freely shares in this interview.

Her passion comes through for helping you to develop a deeper understanding about your relationship with food, whilst empowering you with the ability to discover a whole new you through food and nutrients.  

Discussing during the interview the juxtaposition going on in our world, the burgeoning population explosion, against the increasing numbers of Infertility happening, we look at statistics where over 60,000 couples a year are having IVF treatment and 2% of all the babies born in the UK being conceived through IVF treatment. We go on to discuss the key things you can do to change this for yourself. Over the last six years she has developed and perfected a fertility programme that works and which she touches on in the interview. The programme has been tried and tested through many clients both here in the UK and in many countries all over the world. Also of interest she has completed training around genes, epigenetics and uses cutting edge gene testing to help her asses the best route to improving your fertility issues, she discusses how gene testing can truly help you to understand your health. 

Learn more about Angela here http://fertileground-nutrition.com/about-angela/

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