Go liver!

What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months because I’m going to make it clear that the potential is high that you can do it….if you set clear intent to do so and making it in incremental steps.

Our body’s are amazing things, and we rarely stop to consider the fact that they are ever changing and in 12 months will be very different than they are now. We think the pain that we suffer from or ill health has to be forever, but in many cases this doesn’t have to be the way because of the capacity to regenerate itself.

Interestingly every cell in your body has it’s own lifespan, so when you die, your cells may still be alive at that point, and over the next few hours or days will be having their own death. But rather than focusing on cell death, let’s look at how important it can be to understand that your body is regenerating itself and at what pace it does this.

The colon as most of you know is one of my favourite area’s to focus on, most people are now out of balance in that area due to diet, stress, and environmental factors to mention just a few, so it makes sense to get to grips with resolving the functioning of this area. With an ability to replace the cells in the colon in 4 days, that gives them to same lifespan of 4 days, the ever changing nature of our body happens without us realising it, with little effort on our part. This tells me that if we do the right things that are supportive of our body’s then they can only respond positively to what is happening.

This regeneration is happening on automatic, and only falters when our energy levels reduce to a point where we can no longer effectively do this. We rebuild and regenerate on what we eat drink and think, I can’t stress the think enough of this trinity because our minds are powerful creators of our health. It’s shown in research that the doctor who is involved with your health has a large impact on how well you are likely to recover. I recently told a client I wanted them to dance, sing, play music as part of their treatment plan, it’s because it makes a difference how you are feeling, and if you change how you are feeling you change your health.

Then we have the liver which never ceases to amaze me, in research they have found that they can remove ¾ of a liver and it will not only keep functioning but also will regenerate itself. No longer wonder why in your youth you could hammer it with alcohol and other excesses, it’s a solid member of the organ department that gives great performance! Mind you once you have cirrohsis the scarring means it’s damaged for life. But if you don’t then in 300-500 days it will have more or less replaced itself, we underestimate what we can achieve in a year, and over estimate what we can achieve in a day, not the liver, it’s busy out running the lot of us and dealing with most of the things we decided to throw at it. Go liver!

Another part of the digestion is the stomach lining, the acidity in the stomach being able to eat through the lining means the cells tend to regenerate in about 5 days. Research shows that it’s regenerated mainly at night, so those of you having midnight snacks, eating late, and drinking into the wee hours, if I haven’t stopped you from doing this yet, then you might want to do a rethink about it. This isn’t great news mind you for those of you working night shift and eating in the night, the peptide that helps repair the stomach lining is higher at night, and lower in the afternoon. So by eating at night you are preventing it from working effectively.

I’ve seen several people recently with digestive issues, and all were eating after 10pm, this is going to cause gastric issues in the long term, and was doing for them. Simple things often change everything, and it was just changing the times of eating that left them without nausea and stomach ache in the morning, and removed the IBS the rest of the day. No supplements used at that point with at least one of them! But by eating late you are disrupting your ability to repair, and cleanse, and this also affect the sleeping pattern as well, so having a wider knock on effect. Our body’s are very cyclic and the night day cycle is very important, and one that many of us never really consider in the repairing and healing of our body. Allowing and understanding that this regeneration is happening on a moment by moment basis with times when it happens more than others, or when it only happens, means that we can support our body’s repair system, keeping ourselves strong in the long term.

Now your bones are constantly remodeling themselves, fascinating in itself, but the whole structure tends to have been remodeled over a 10 year period. Your brain, well there is research showing that the neurons may be able to regenerate themselves, but this research is still contentious, so current thinking is that the brain pretty much stays as it is, so it’s worth paying attention to keeping it in tip top shape. Remember it needs oils, and water, and fueling regularly with high quality foods, as I say the brain isn’t a cheap date, and you shouldn’t treat it as such.

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