What are you thinking about?

If I held up an apple and a bar of chocolate and said which one is the healthiest, you would know which one to choose, and when it comes to eating healthily, most people know what it is they should be doing, they just choose to not do it.

So the question for me is what is driving that choice?

What is the underlying reason for that particular choice at that time?

Because lot’s of people come to me to work out their nutrition, and end up learning it’s about what they are thinking about, and what they are telling themselves at the point when they make that choice. When they listen to what their drivers are, they change their choices, and often their lives in the process.

What’s stopping you from making the healthy choice?

When I have clients who are over weight or have serious health issues due to eating too much of the wrong types of foods, and they can identify the apple as healthy, then it’s not about the food, it’s rarely in fact about the food, it’s about what is going on in the mind.

Food for Thought….

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